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Custom Number Plates

Wanting to style your vehicle up with the latest car modification trends? Look no further. A custom styled number plate is the best way to differentiate your vehicle from the rest. Luckily for you, Number Plate Clinic have the widest range of 3D and 4D styles for you to choose from. When it comes to styling and a variety, Number Plate Clinic is the one for you. We offer a pop-in service, or we can post out to you. So if you’re from Central London, or even anywhere else. We’ve got you.

3D Gel Number Plates

plate audi rs3

Number Plate Clinic offer the widest variety of styles and options in the Central London area. Choose from our wide selection of number plates, suited for any vehicle registration. We offer multiple 3d plate styles, such as:

4D Laser Cut Number Plates

4d Number Plates

Instead of going with the boring 4D Laser Cut Plates, we’ve gone above and beyond. We’ve decided to combine our gel number plate styles with our 4D Black Laser Cut and Crystal Laser Cut. The finish was unreal, and we’re the only people offering this custom plate style in London.

The laser cut Black 4D that we use is manufactured using high quality industrial grade acrylic with high quality adhesive. Although there are several fakes and copies of our laser cut 4D plates on the market. You can rest assured that Number Plate Clinic also known as Autoworld in Central London. Are the only company that can provide you with the real high quality registration plates.

3D & 4D Number Plates Central London?

What is the difference between 3D & 4D number plates?

3D Domed Gel plates can be made with gloss gel that pushes the plate characters out from your number plate, where as 4D number plates add an additional layer under the 3D character to give it an extra kick in look and feel!

We create either clear Krystal layers underneath to give your 4D number plate a floating character look, or black Krystal or block acrylic to give number plate characters a solid look!

Order Your Number Plate in London Today. 

What Your Road Legal Number Plate Will Look Like!

We use a laser cut system to finely etch out your acrylic number plate characters, and add an extra layer of gloss gel or acrylic to the top to give it a raised and clean look

Not only a head turner in design, our 4D number plates are built to withstand bumps, the weather in summer or winter and provide a clear, high-resolution look on the road giving it an elite feel backed with the most premium quality materials and 3 years warranty as long as they are not screwed in.

3D & 4D Number Plate Maker Central London

How we Create Your 3D & 4D Road Legal Number Plates!

A great deal of time is placed into manufacturing your 4D number plates as these are created by hand individually not in mass production and are 100% customised! We begin by measuring your number plate distance from head and distance from bottom then creating legal character spacing.

We then apply 3D characters to your number plate and add an additional layer of 4D gel or 4d acrylic to create a raised look that pops out your plate giving your car that extra dimension of look from front, rear and side! ALL BY HAND BY OUR TECHNICIANS WITH OVER 16 years of motoring experience.

With a variety of non-road legal colours/sizes and road legal colours/sizes your 4D plate is made to what you ideally would like! Like a 4D number plate a great deal of care is placed into manufacturing your 3D number plates which is a CHEAPER alternative!

Also giving your car a glossy rear or front finish, your lettering is customised to your needs and used with premium grade high-quality gel resin.Finely cut to your specifications and applied with extra strong adhesive to your number plate giving it a glowing finish!

We begin by measuring your number plate distance from head and distance from bottom then creating legal character spacing (for non-road legal options select from your menu options here).

We then apply 3D gloss gel characters to your number plate to give it that signature NPC raised profile that shines on your custom number plate giving your car that shine from front, rear and side! All from the experienced hands of creators instead of shoddy, poorly put together manufacturers

When You Select Your Number Plates, You Have The Following Options :

* Registration Number – Add your private registration number or standard DVLA number

* Front/Back – Select whether you would prefer front number plate, rear number plate or both front AND back number plate

* Plate Type – Select whether you would prefer a standard plate(BS AU 145e), a premium reflective plate, a show plate/character spacing (NOT road legal) OR our signature Tinted Number Plate (NOT road legal)

* Fitting – Select whether you would like us to provide fitting or you would like to purchase or not purchase our EXTRA strong adhesive sticky pads that will secure your 4D number plates tightly to your vehicle (as long as fitted properly) 

* Extras – Select from our large array of customisable features such as extra 4D layers, 4D borders or sleek side badges

* Add to Basket – Checkout and receive your high resolution, premium fully customised 4D Number Plates within 3-5 working days!

NB: There is NO design we CANNOT accommodate!

UK number plate laws

If you don’t know, there are laws guiding number plates in the UK, which are very strict. From the exact size of the (height and width) of the characters on the plate to the suitable materials on which the characters are imprinted, UK number plates have several rules you must abide by as a car owner if you want to cruise confidently everywhere you go.

What’s more? The characters are crafted in a specific font type which Charles Wright. Though the advent of modern technology has provided room for customization with 3D and 4D printing, you need to use the right colours in the front and back of your car.   

 Otherwise, you may have to bear some losses, which could involve a failed MOT and a fine that can soar as high as one thousand pounds. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will not pardon anyone when it comes to number plate color offenses.

In Summary

The UK uses white and yellow number plate colour to make it easy for motorists and other authorities concerned to clearly read the plate’s characters and differentiate back from the front without confusion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us on info@numberplateclinic.co.uk / 0777 444 55 16

for change of delivery address requests, we can modify the address at any time before the order is sent. Please contact us at 0777 444 55 16 to amend or make any adjustments to your purchase.

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FAQ’s | Number Plate Clinic

3D Number Plates | FAQs

Yes 3D Number Plates are legal.

Despite some unfounded fears that changes to DVLA number plate regulations would effectively lead to outlawing 3D and 4D number plates, 3D number plates remain legal on UK roads.

What has happened is that 2D plates that have used an unusual font or effect to give the impression of being 3D are now effectively banned. However, genuine 3D and 4D plates with actually raised lettering are still legal.

When you’re looking for a 3D or 4D number plate, make sure you order it from a reputable supplier and order a plate with genuinely raised lettering. The DVLA guidance also states that characters must not be removable or reflective. If your plates were fitted after the 1st of September 2022 they must also be a single shade of black.

NO, 3D carbon effect number plates will Not pass MOT.

4D Number Plates | FAQs

As long as the plate meets all other BS AU 145e legal requirements, are made from reflective material with non-reflective solid-black non-reflective lettering and with no background pattern, 4D plates are legal. Plates should also bear the name of the supplier.

Yes Short Number Plates are Legal.

When we talk about short number plates, we mean the physical dimensions of the plate itself.

Number plates haven’t always been the length they are now. Very early registrations only featured two numbers and you can still buy older registrations with fewer characters.

If you do buy one of these private registrations, chances are it might look a little peculiar on a standard-sized number plate.

In which case, you might consider having a shorter plate. But is it legal to do this?

4D plates differ from 3D plates in that they are typically manufactured using professionally laser cut acrylic letters rather than raised gel letters. 4D number plates give your car an added wow factor.

Number plate personalisation in the UK continues to be in high demand. While there are a range of different personalisation options available, one of the leading trends in 2023 is for 4D number plates.

4D reg plates take your personalisation to the next level, helping your vehicle stand out while meeting all of the necessary legal requirements.

4D number plates are a great choice for your Range Rover. They help make your vehicle look great on the road. They’re a creative choice and increasingly fashionable as people look to give their car an added edge.

They look particularly effective on a Range Rover because of the large space at the back of the vehicle for the plate. 4D number plates are a feature in their own right that can complement the overall look of your car. There’s also an amazing range of different types of plates to choose from.

The Range Rover uses different size plates to the standard. It is measured at 21 inches/53cm by 6inches/15cm, and the rear plates are oblong in order to fill the large space on the boot. Newer Range Rover Sport vehicles use the same plate, but the older style vehicle uses an oversize plate that points upwards on each side.

High-quality bespoke 4D plates for Range Rover from Number Plate Clinic


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