Interior Car Wrapping

A lot of people think that vinyl wraps are used just for the exterior metal parts of a motor vehicle. However, this is quite a delusive way of view. Vinyl technologies have progressed quite far from being just fancy sticky labels. Today, they are extensively used both for the exteriors and the interiors of a car. Not only does the outside parts of your vehicle’s body tend to be exposed to unwarranted wear, plastics on the inside, as well as other materials, are exposed to regular every day challenges, causing them to drop their initial brilliance and excellence. That is why many car owners tend to use vinyl wraps as car interior wrapping in Bolton to protect their cars’ interiors as well.

Why Choose Us

We offer free accident recoveries!

We can recover your vehicle from anywhere to anywhere in the UK.We have a large team of recovery drivers so the time you will have to wait is only from wherever the driver is to you!

We have recovered a range of vehicles as well a range of vans and others motors.

One of the trendiest vinyl wraps at our car interior wrapping in Manchester or Bolton are the carbon fiber vinyl wraps. They provide a vivacious and sporty lively look to your vehicle’s trim. This pattern is ideal not only by sports cars vehicle owners, but also those who want to show their uniqueness by adding style and a distinctive look to their cars. We offer carbon fiber films of an assortment of colors and effects. You can pick between matte as well as high or low shiny finishes. In each case you get an exclusive individuality and great performance.

Car Interior Wrapping Manchester: Simply Add New Life to Your Car

Whenever you are fed up with your car’s interior, or only want to add new life and sparkle to your daily routines, be sure to use Number Plate Clinic’s carbon fiber vinyl wrap! Many of our clients from Bolton and Manchester, whose automobiles are more than 7-9 years old, said they had used the carbon fiber simply to make their car’s interior look more modern. If your old wood feel plastics have already become tedious or are opulently covered with scratches, use the carbon fiber vinyl to enliven your car’s interior look.

How it Works

You book your service with us.

You drop your vehicle off or arrange for a collection.

We get the work done and notify you when it’s done.

You come collect the vehicle once it’s completed or we can drop it off to you and you finalise payment.

Our professional team is experienced in car interior wrapping and we cover entire Bolton and Manchester areas. We can come up with an effectual solution, no matter how terrible your interiors may look like. The benefits of covering your interior trim are as follows:

You defend your interior surfaces from all-embracing use, thus preserving their original condition. You have the likelihood to get a completely new look, even if your vehicle is by now well used. You can create your own ambiance inside your vehicle, making it unsullied and contented.

On the whole, our car interior vinyl wrap service offers a twofold cast film, which is applied to the vehicle’s internal surfaces, providing gleaming durability as well as scratch repellent fortification. You receive an added protection layer for your car dapper, preventing damages from dust, UV rays, extreme sun, and many other factors which influence the original surfaces.