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Our 3D Gel Number Plates are crafted from premium domed gel resin characters, providing a raised profile on the plate. Each character is UV resistant, featuring a High Gloss Piano Black finish, and is jet wash friendly. Our 3D Black Gel option is fully road legal. Additionally, we offer customisation in Forged Carbon or Neon finishes, making your bespoke 3D Gel number plate stand out at car shows.


Our 4D Number Plates are crafted from premium 3mm Acrylic, featuring 4D Laser Cut characters in Gloss Black, Matt Black, or Colour Krystal effect for an elevated appearance.Disclaimer;- The colour number plates have been deemed non-road legal since September 2021. This is due to ANPR cameras potentially having difficulty picking up the registration from the coloured plates.


Discover our latest 4D Indulge style! Whether your vehicle features gloss black and matt black or you prefer matt and gloss, our Indulge style is the perfect choice. All our number plates comply with legal requirements, meeting both British Standards with BSAU145e Code.


Looking for the perfect number plate for your oversized vehicle like a 4×4, Range Rover, or G-Wagon? Whether it’s a  Bentley, Jaguar, or any other SUV, we’ve got your number plates needs covered. Our oversized number plate measures 21″x6″ (533mm x 152mm) and fits various vehicles. If you’re unsure or need a custom size, just contact us, and we’ll create a bespoke plate just for you.


Want to give your car a new look? Explore our wide range of hex and Lambo-shaped number plates. Our selection includes various Lambo shapes to suit your style. Rest assured, all our Lambo plates meet legal requirements, conforming to both British Standards. If you’re uncertain about whether the Lambo plates will suit your vehicle,  get in touch with us, or you can visit our store to see the plates next to your vehicle.


If your vehicle’s registration is short, you can select from our variety of short number plate options. As custom plate makers, we offer the widest range, accommodating registrations with as few as 2 letters up to the standard 7 letters. Our short number plates adhere to all legal requirements, meeting both British Standards, BSAU145e Code.

Over 45,000 Satisfied Customers, NPC the UK’s Most Trusted DVLA Registered Number Plate Maker

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Alternatively, if you want something truly unique, you may design your own custom number plates or build private number plates. It is yours to retain in perpetuity, and we handle all of the legalities for you!

About us

Create your own personalised number plates with our simple number plate creator. Our number plate builder includes all of the tools you need to create custom plates, as well as a wide range of accessories and text styles. Get registration plates produced to British Standards (BS AU 145e) that are completely valid on the road.

Select from our extensive selection of road legal replacement number plates, display plates, pressed plates, 3D gel plates, 4D laser cut plates, fittings, and accessories!You can relax knowing that NPC has your registration plate needs covered with our number plate manufacturer. We offer the widest selection of shipping options to fit your demands and budget, and we price check all of our pricing weekly to ensure it remains incredibly competitive.

Get custom UK number plates made for next-day delivery by placing an order before 12pm!

How much do Number plates cost?

Prices range from £24.99 for a set. Our selection of UK number plates is manufactured from high-quality materials. Replacement car and bike number plates, show plates, aluminium number plates, private plates, customised number plates, pressed number plates, and other items are available in our inventory. We can also give novelty items, allowing you to play with your ideas further using our custom number plate printers.

What number plates do you offer?

If you’re looking to purchase a number plate, we offer an incredible variety. Our number plate builder has the industry’s widest selection of choices and specs. We have launched 4D variants, making it easier than ever to design number plates for your vehicle and personalise them more than before. Furthermore, we provide you with access to the most recent curved laser cut back number plates that correspond to current car models. We are always trying to add to our collections. If you have a fresh idea, please contact us so that we may discuss our personalised vehicle reg plates. You can customise your number plate online and have it delivered to your door with our Plate Builder.

Using the most advanced and efficient printing equipment, we can create fully unique plates that are not suited for road usage. This might be used for commercial advertising, branding, signage, or show plates. Our design staff is here to help you put your ideas into action. Whatever your customised plate design, we’d be delighted to offer guidance and share our experience, expertise, and insight. Our customised number plate builder can also be used as a display plate designer, as well as to have fun and produce hilarious custom licence plates! If you have any queries concerning our private number plate manufacturer, please contact us and we will assist you.

We provide private registrations in addition to personalised number plates. We can help you find dateless, treasured, or Irish style registrations, as well as everything in between. Look for your ideal personalised registration today.

Where can I buy number plates?

NPC is your one stop best number plate provider. If you’re wondering how to buy a number plate, where to get number plates produced, or how to acquire a new number plate, you may get your registration plates made up online with us as a DVLA registered number plate provider and the UK’s most popular number plate maker. We provide next-day delivery, and if you purchase before 12pm, your plates might be delivered to your house the next day. Getting number plates made is a basic and straightforward process.

We are the industry leader in everything related to licence plates. We also provide complete customer support from start to finish for your number plates or automobiles. If you want to learn more about our plate printing services, get in touch or visit our number plate pages.

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Moeed Malik
Moeed Malik
Great quality products, great customer service, would 100% recommend!
ian greason
ian greason
fantastic shop took my nissan 350 for plates got them fitted looks mint thanks lads
calvin reid
calvin reid
Amazing product and rapid delivery can’t fault them at all
David Roberts
David Roberts
From time contracted the company was straight forward. Done straight away .very helpful and friendly service. Thank you very much
Got a set of show plates for my company today. Looks absolutely mint, professional job very friendly staff and a good environment. 100% recommend and will be back.
Rakesh R Patel
Rakesh R Patel
Great service and prompt delivery. Thank you for your professional service.
Lauren-May Drake
Lauren-May Drake
Great products! Love my 3D plate :)
Team Fiftheen
Team Fiftheen
USE THIS COMPANY Fast No messing No hassle good price Great number plates 10/10 service Easy to communicate with 0 issues 0 problems I got a show plate for my BMW X6 m540d And now it looks LIKE A COMPLETE ELITE BATMOBILE
carlos capitan
carlos capitan
Really happy with the 4D Reg plate thanks guys


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