Bike Number Plates

Motorbike number plates are an incredibly in demand product for us here at Number Plate Clinic! Whether you have a chopper, a roadster or a speed bike read MORE

How we Create Your Motorbike Plate!

The Motorbike number plate is more specific than our signature vehicle number plates as it is sized SPECIFICALLY for all types of motorbikes 

The characters of your plate is tighter and more layered across two rows

Your custom motorbike plate can be 2D, 3D, or 4D in nature and varies from a standard replacement motorbike plate look, giving it that fresh off the shelf feel OR fully-customised to your individual needs like our 3D and 4D plates found for our other vehicles

You can customise what your bike number plate says but please bear in mind if it is NOT registered with DVLA this is NOT road legal

When you select your motorbike plate, you have the following options on your 2D printed plate, 3D or 4D plate menu:

* Registration Number – Add your private registration number or standard motorbike plate DVLA number

* Front/Back – Select whether you would prefer front motorbike number plate, rear bike number plate or both front AND back number plate

* Plate Type – Select whether you would prefer a standard motorbike plate, a premium reflective plate, a show plate/character spacing (NOT road legal) OR our signature Tinted Number Plate (NOT road legal)

* Fitting – Select whether you would like us to provide fitting or you would like to purchase or not purchase our EXTRA strong adhesive sticky pads that will secure your EV number plate tightly to your vehicle (as long as fitted properly) 

* Extras – Select from our large array of customisable features from your EV plate

* Novelty Plate – Finally choose your FREE Novelty Show plate ideal for a gift or house decor which is NOT road legal but the perfect gift for family and friends 

* Add to Basket – Checkout and receive your high resolution, premium fully customised 3D plate within 3-5 working days!

NB: There is NO design we CANNOT accommodate!

WHAT your Motorbike Plate will look like!

Exactly like our standard vehicle you can select a variety of options varying from Standard 2D Printed Plate, 3D plates or 4D Plate we use a highest quality gloss gel-resin that we etch to the needs of your number plate and apply with extra strong adhesive providing that glistening, shining number plate appearance for a 3D look 

OR if you’re looking to upgrade to 4D you can customise with an extra laser-cut base on which a second layer of gloss or acrylic can be applied

WHY Choose a Motorbike Plate?

Of the top reasons to choose a Number Plate Clinic Motorbike Plate our Top 3 are

* THAT LOOK! We all know motorbike enthusiasts chose motorbikes over other vehicles for a REASON! So, our custom Motorbike Plate guarantees the look of care and edginess with its shimmering, floating, solid and regular new look on the road whilst remaining 100% road legal

* DURABILITY! All number plates are created with strongest adhesive that guarantees your plate will last all the seasons, weathers and road happenings and are backed with a 3-year warranty excluding road traffic collisions!

* CUSTOMISABILITY! Your custom motorbike plate can be non-customised, customised or highly customised according to your requirements with a variety of road-legal side badges and borders added to give your vehicle a highly-visibility, elite feel!


1. Which documents do I need to Send?

To purchase a Motorbike Plate please provide the following

  • Vehicle ownership proof – V5C or V5CNI logbook, V5C/2 or V5C/2NI new keeper slip, or the V778 certificate.
  • Valid ID – driving license, passport or a utility bill

Necessary to keep to motoring laws, your data and information is kept secure and confidential at all times

2. When do I get my Motorbike Number Plate?

Guaranteed to arrive 3-5 working days depending on 1st class or Standard Delivery option selected, we are swift in getting your number plate to you 

If you are looking to receive communication on your Motorbike 2D, 4D or 3D plate you can contact us directly in-store or simply pop us a message using the live WhatsApp chat on this site

 Want to get your Motorbike 2D, 4D or 3D plate faster? You can also choose same day collection or pop in and we will fit your number plate for you personally

3. Are Motorbike Plates road legal?

YES – Our Motorbike Plates, you will happy to know, are 100% road legal and meet all requirement of British Standards

Be concern-free, as here at Number Plate Clinic we take pride in offering you number plates that meet all requirements!

4. Will I Pass my MOT with a Motorbike Plate?

Short answer – YES again!

As long as you ensure the steps you follow in your Motorbike Plate customisation and select the legal boxes, you need not be worried about legalities. Ensure your customisation features legal spacing, legal finish and legal characters and we will do the rest

Our pop-up features will notify you when a non-road legal step is being taken! 

5.What if my Motorbike Plate is Damaged?

As long as your bespoke custom plate has not been in a vehicle accident or tampered with, we off 3 YEAR WARRANTY to put your mind at ease that your EV number plate will be given the attention it needs

The best part it is HIGHLY unlikely you will have any issues as our 3D characters are later cut to perfection and 3D gloss gel OR 4D Acrylic Plate additions are bound with the strongest adhesive to ensure your number plate withstands the elements and any minor bumps you may experience

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