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    Private Number Plate
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    Private Number Plate

    We have everything you need to find you your perfect private reg!

     Were you curious how to purchase a private number plate or thinking about purchasing one? If you’re reading this, the answer is very likely yes! Whether for your own usage or as a present for a loved one, a private number plate is a great way to make whatever car it’s allocated to stand out while also adding a personal touch. Fortunately, we offer a large assortment of customised registrations and private regs accessible in a variety of styles and character combinations.

    Of course, every car gets its own registration plates when it is manufactured, but these plates typically have little to no meaning to the vehicle’s owner and have no monetary worth. This is one of the many reasons why people come to us on a daily basis in search of customised registrations and why so many individuals have personalised automobile number plates. There’s something for everyone in our database, with over 50,000,000 distinct private plates to pick from; if you’ve come to our website today searching for private plates for sale, we’re certain you’ll be able to discover the right private reg for you.

    Cherished plates is our fancy term for a Private Number Plate!

    This number plate screams high end and is one of the most highly sought number plate these days!

    Why you may ask? Because this is truly ELITE standard of plate that we can customise to your liking  

    YES – this is available in standard 2D printed plate option, 3D plate option and 4D plate option

    There are several types of private registration

    There are five types of private registration plates available to buy, some with formats dating back to the early 1900’s! Read on to find out more.

    Cherished (dateless)

    Dateless registrations were first issued in 1903 and were granted to new cars until 1963.These registrations often began with one, two, or three characters that served as regional identifiers, followed by one, two, three, or four numerals. This layout was flipped in order to extend the dateless format’s longevity.

    36 V

    Northern Irish registrations, which were first issued in 1903, usually include a “Z” or a “I,” or both like treasured registrations, do not have a set year linked with them, which means they may be awarded to any age of Northern Irish plates, like treasured registrations, do not have a set year linked to them, which means they may be awarded to any age of car.


    Registrations with suffixes first emerged in 1963 after the dateless format was abandoned. Suffix type registration plates have three characters, a space, one, two, or three digits, and one or more characters at the end. As an illustration, the suffix registration XYZ 321A has the age identifier as the final character. The first plate with the letter “A” as the last letter debuted in 1963, while the last plate with the letter “Y” debuted in 1982.


    registrations were established in 1983 and continued until 2001. The age identifying letter appeared first on prefix registration plates, followed by three numerals, a space, and three letters. A123 XYZ, for example, would be a prefix type registration that might have first emerged in 1983. The letter Y, like suffix plates, was the final one used in this style of registration in 2001.


    The system we use today took the place of the prefix style in 2001. This style consists of two letters that serve as regional identifiers and two digits that represent the year the car was registered, followed by a space and three letters that were chosen at random.

    In Leeds, Yorkshire, for instance, a vehicle with the registration YD53 KMX would have been registered between September 2003 and February 2004.There are two releases of the age identifier each year. The first “01” plate was used in September 2001, followed by the first “02” plate in March 2002, a 52 in September 2002, and so on. The registration identifiers for 2021 are 71 and 21.

    We provide a large range of personalized number plates for sale at Number Plate Clinic, covering all different number plate formats. Why not look for your ideal personal plate right now?

    Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your personalised plates are designed to fit the automobile or vehicle when you assign your registration.

    Using the brand-new personalised registration you just purchased, you may build your own customised licence plate using our Plate Builder tool allows you to create your own private plate utilising the newly purchased personalised registration!

    You can choose from hundreds of alternatives on our private plate builder, such as standard-sized plates, model-specific forms, Lambo plates custom size & shape, as well as many text options including 3D Gel and 4D Matte versions.

    By doing this, you can have personalised licence plates printed or produced to your exact specifications.Use our plate builder to design your own licence plates that exactly match your car, van, or motorcycle once you’ve bought a private registration from us.

    When you buy private registration from us, you will receive a free set of regular 2D printed plates, 3D gel plates, or a discounted set of any 4D plate style. What style do you prefer? Please let us know.

    HOW we Create Your Cherished Plate!

    The Cherished number plate requires A LOT of research cross comparing your desired text with what is available on the DVLA site

    So, what do we do for you if you are paying PREMIUM rate for a number plate?

    * What you would like – Fill in a form providing us with the desired text you require for your number plate

    * Cross Compare – We will take the headache of cross comparing your text versus all the options and supply you with personalized number plate options best ideally suited to you that you will adore

    * Plate Type – After identifying and securing your desired private plate you will select whether you would prefer a standard EV plate, a premium reflective plate, a show plate/character spacing (NOT road legal) OR our signature Tinted Number Plate (NOT road legal)

    * Fitting – You will then select whether you would like us to provide fitting or you would like to purchase or not purchase our EXTRA strong adhesive sticky pads that will secure your private number plate tightly to your vehicle (as long as fitted properly)

    * Extras – Select from our large array of customisable features for your cherished plate where you can customise FURTHER to either a 3D or 4D plate specification OR you can just keep it as is as a standard 2D printed plate

    * Novelty Plate – Finally choose your FREE Novelty Show plate ideal for a gift or house decor which is NOT road legal but the perfect gift for family and friends

    Checkout and receive your high resolution, premium fully customised private registration plate within 5-7 working days of confirming your number plate order!

    NB: There is NO design we CANNOT accommodate!

    WHAT your Cherished Plate will look like!

    This is the BEST part – your private registration plate will look EXACTLY how you wish for it to look! It will be selected to your desired registered text making it FULLY ROAD LEGAL and can be of a Standard 2D Printed Plate, 3D plates or 4D Plate

    We can use either high-quality gloss gel-resin that we cut to the needs of your number plate applied with extra strong adhesive providing that glistening, shining number plate appearance for a 3D look OR if you’re looking to upgrade to 4D you can customise with an extra lazer-cut base on which a second layer of gloss or acrylic can be applied

    One thing is for certain your personalized number plate will truly be the ELITE vehicle on the road!

    WHY Choose a Cherished Plate?

    Of the top reasons to choose a Number Plate Clinic Private Registration Plate our Top 3 are

    * ELITE STATUS! We all know investing and caring for your vehicle is a priority! So, our Cherished Plate guarantees the look of high-end with its shimmering, floating, solid and regular new look on the road whilst remaining 100% road legal

    * DURABILITY! All Cherished plates are created with strongest adhesive that guarantees your plate will last all the seasons, weathers and road happenings and are backed with a 3-year warranty excluding road traffic collisions!

    * CUSTOMISABILITY! Your Cherished number plate can be non-customised, customised or highly customised according to your requirements with a variety of road-legal side badges and borders added to give your vehicle a highly-visibility, elite feel!


    1. Which documents do I need to Send?

    To purchase a Cherished Number Plate please provide the following

    • Vehicle ownership proof – V5C or V5CNI logbook, V5C/2 or V5C/2NI new keeper slip, or the V778 certificate.
    • Valid ID – driving license, passport or a utility bill

    Necessary to keep to motoring laws, your data and information is kept secure and confidential at all times

    2. When do I get my Cherished Number Plate?

    Guaranteed to arrive 3-5 working days depending on 1st class or Standard Delivery option selected, we are swift in getting your number plate to you

    If you are looking to receive communication on your Private 2D, 4D or 3D plate you can contact us directly in-store or simply pop us a message using the live WhatsApp chat on this site

    Want to get your Private 2D, 4D or 3D plate faster? You can also choose same day collection or pop in and we will fit your number plate for you personally

    3. Are Cherished Number Plates road legal?

    YES – Our Private Plates, you will happy to know, are 100% road legal and meet all requirement of British Standards

    Be concern-free, as here at Number Plate Clinic we take pride in offering you highest quality number plates that meet all requirements!

    4. Will I Pass my MOT with a Private Number Plate?

    Short answer – YES again!

    As long as you ensure the steps you follow in your Cherished Plate customisation and choose the legal options, you need not be worried about legalities. Ensure your customisation features legal spacing, legal finish and legal characters and we will do the rest

    Our pop-up features will notify you when a non-road legal step is being taken!

    5.What if my Private Plate is Damaged?

    Short answer – this will NEVER happen!

    As long as your bespoke private registration plate has not been in a vehicle accident or tampered with, we off 3 YEAR WARRANTY to put your mind at ease that your cherished number plate will be given the attention it needs

    The best part it is HIGHLY unlikely you will have any issues as our 3D characters are later cut to perfection and 3D gloss gel OR 4D Acrylic Plate additions are bound with the strongest adhesive to ensure your number plate withstands the elements and any minor bumps you may experience

    Number Plate Clinic


    Private number plates make excellent investments over time, especially if they’re particularly rare. Many people have made considerable sums of money through the buying and selling of private registrations, one of whom is none other than Bradford businessman Afzal Kahn, who famously owns the ‘F 1’ plate.

    Originally owned by Essex Council, Khan purchased the plate from them for around £350,000. It was reported back in 2018 that Kahn was prepared to sell this desirable plate for a whopping £14m, but most recently it was listed for nearly two and a half times this, and that’s before VAT and fees!

    Simple answer yes you can but you need to make sure that you are the grantee who is the buyer but the person who will be attaching the plate to there vehicle will be classed as the nominee and you need to ensure there details are put into this section.

    Don’t worry if you don’t they can still do this when you get the plate but you will have to wait for the V778 (also know as the retention slip) to come back on your nominee name before the reg can be added on to the vehicle. This is also needed to be done when you are buying a private reg from a private seller.

    Personalised Registrations start from £299.

    There are three ways you can purchase a private licence plate – directly from the US, through a broker or in a private sale.

    Buying private number plates
    Once you’ve bought them, the DVLA will issue you with a V750 certificate, which proves that you own the plates and have the right to attach them to your vehicle. You’ll still need to apply to assign the plates to your car, though. If you wish we can offer a service to do this for you.

    To assign a private (personalised) number to a vehicle, you need 2 docs:

    1. This will be the private reg:-
    * A V750 certificate of entitlement – you’ll get this if you buy a private number
    * A V778 retention document or online reference number – you’ll get one of these if you take a number from another vehicle you own

    2. This will be your current reg:-
    * A V5C – Logbook (you get this after you purchase the vehicle with the original reg)

    More FAQ’s


    You will need your Logbook (in your name or nominees name) and also you V750 and then this can be changed over via DVLA

    Within minutes of you completing the online transfer.

    Transfer is a matter of taking it off one car and putting it on retention and then waiting for the V750 document and only then can you put it on another vehicle

    Generally, the age and novelty of a number plate are the principal factors governing its value. Lesser Character plates tend to command a higher price and also tend to be rarer since there are less of them available.

    There is no automatic right to a cancellation. Please refer to our terms for full details

    You have 2 options:

    1.You may choose to pay the Department for Transport retention fee (currently £80) and retain the number. This means that the number will be transferred onto a certificate that you can later use to put that number plate onto another vehicle.

    2. You can choose not to keep the old number. If you do not retain the number on a certificate as described above, or transfer it to another vehicle, then it will be lost when you receive your amended V5C showing your new registration.

    When you receive your new V5C showing the new registration, you must remove the old number plates and display the new number.


    YES! Just email and WhatsApp up with the new price and we will update any people who have had interest in your reg

    Yes you can sell a Private Plate as long as you own the Registration, To sell the private plate you will have to ensure its on retention and you have the V750 also known as the retention slip

    Yes We do! But please don’t be offended when we offer you. Contact Us

    WE NEVER GUARANTEE A SALE! Until we get a deposit We will make every effort to contact you with all offers, even if they are less than the agreed price. Upon finding a buyer NumberPlateClinic will contact you to request the documents necessary for completion of the transfer.

    We do not offer a part exchange or swap option, but we can advertised your number plate. If you would like us to advertise your number plate for you, you will need to get a valuation from us.

    Generally, the age and novelty of a number plate are the principal factors governing its value. Older plates tend to command a higher price and also tend to be rarer since there are less of them.

    We can sell a plate within 24hours if its a soon after reg. But generally with anything for sale there is no estimated time to sell a plate.

    Yes we can! We / who ever has valued the plate may not make you happy but we may be proven wrong and are happy to list it for more. JUST ASK!

    No. If the registration document states that the registration number is non-transferable, then it cannot be transferred or retained on certificate.

    Before selling your car you need to put your Cherished plate / Private reg on retention and obtain a V750 / retention slip

    It depends on how we are supplying the number plate to the person buying it. If the person buying your number plate is having it transferred onto their vehicle then you will be paid when DVLA says that the number plate transfer has been completed.

    If the person buying your number plate is having it transferred onto a certificate then you will be paid when we receive the new certificate from DVLA correctly showing the purchaser as the nominee. We are able to pay you via bank transfer.


    Of course we think so, but we’re a little biased! Private registrations are the ultimate personalisation option for your car, and some can present great investment opportunities too!

    Yes, motorcycles, Quad Bikes & mopeds can participate freely in the registration transfer scheme.

    Yes, you can! When you buy a number plate from us it usually does not need to be assigned to the vehicle straight away. You can set a Nominee or Change a Nominee even after you have purchased.

    One of the MOST IMPORTANT Rules regarding personalised / Cherished registrations is that you CANNOT make a vehicle look newer than it is.

    As the transfer fee is paid upfront when acquiring a certificate, there is no further charge to assign the registration to a vehicle i.e it’s ‘free’ to apply online or by post.

    No. Most personalised number plates can be supplied on a certificate. Once you have the certificate, you will have until the certificate’s expiry date (usually 10 years from when you buy it) to transfer the personalised number plate to a vehicle of your choice.

    You can purchase a private registration following the link below off our website

    You can buy a registration within 60 seconds once you have found on that suits you. once you buy it we get the retention certificate posted out to you within 5-10 working days

    The prices for private / cherished number plates can start from £249, and can go up to tens of thousands of pounds – in rare cases, even hundreds of thousands.

    How do personalised number plates work? Personalised number plates are a way of making your car more individual or Personalised to you or a loved one.

    You’ll usual find you pay extra money to have your own choice of numbers and letters on the registration – usually a phrase, slogan or initials that mean something to you. You may be a lucky or unique individual to find a perfect plates for £249

    If you are buying a number plate and you want it transferred onto your vehicle straight away then you will need to provide the following documents:

    • The original of the vehicle’s most recent V5C Registration Certificate, sometimes known as the logbook (in the purchasers name or nominees name)
    • Details of current MOT test certification (if applicable). We do not need your actual MOT certificate.
    • Details of your current road TAX

    If you are buying a number plate and would like to put it on a vehicle at some later date:

    No documents are required initially. You will need the documents mentioned above when you do come to transfer your number plate onto your intended vehicle.


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