Is your car roadworthy?

Outside of servicing, there are also several things you can do at home to keep your car roadworthy. These include checking and replacing parts like brake pads, oil filters and discs. Various parts of your engine and brakes are vulnerable to wear and tear, and there’s a big chance you will need to place exhaust parts and lighting features at some point whilst your car is in your ownership. There are also various less well-known parts that will almost certainly require attention at some stage.

Timing and cam belts

Timing belts are sometimes called cam belts and are tasked with making sure camshafts turn at the correct speed. When the belts slip or begin to wear out, many other engine parts can be affected, as can the entire engine. You are advised to replace your belt every few years to keep your engine in good condition. The car’s manual may instruct you to replace it when you have clocked up a specific number of miles.

Oxygen or Lambda sensors

Your Lambda sensor is also called the oxygen sensor. This sensor’s job is to monitor the amount of oxygen in your fuel to limit its emission of harmful gasses. It also tells your engine management system about oxygen levels and whether more or less oxygen is needed. The sensor can be found in the exhaust system but can be tough to identify and access, which is why the services of a professional are normally needed when you suspect you have a problem with the part. A mechanic can identify the vehicle’s emission levels with special tools, which will tell them whether harmful gases are too low or high. If levels aren’t right, there’s a big chance your oxygen sensor isn’t working as it should.

The alternator

Your alternator’s job is to charge your battery. When cars won’t start, many drivers immediately point their attention to the battery. However, the culprit is often the alternator. If your car is taking a significant amount of time to start, or when you struggle to get it started even when the power output of the battery has been tested, you may need to replace your alternator.

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