For many, accessorising their vehicle simply leaves them cold. The idea sometimes seems almost to offend them. But for others, having plenty of add-ons is a big part of the driving experience. The range of car accessories available these days is vast. They fall into a number of different categories, too.

Neither Use nor Ornament

‘You’re neither use nor ornament’, has always been a bit of an insult aimed at those we’ve little respect for. But it’s based on a truth. To be of worth, something needs to be either one or the other. If we’re really lucky, there are a few things that are both. Top brand cars usually can claim to be both, but most cars generally only tick the ‘use’ box. Many more can be massively improved with a few neat looking car accessories.

At Number Plate Clinic, there are all kinds of products available from air fresheners, anti freeze and car covers, to wheel trims, windscreen wipers and vehicle security that can set your vehicle apart from the others.

Practicality of Purpose

But while some are items that fall completely into the category of ornament, there are as many that offer a genuine, practical purpose for your car. Think about those frosty mornings when you need to get out to work. What would you give for a neatly fitting car cover for overnight? There’s a whole range of car covers and windscreen covers to fit every vehicle make.

But if you’re keeping frost and snow off your windows, don’t tramp it into the car on your shoes either. Avoid wet feet and cold weather damaging your carpets and trim by using sturdy foot-well mats, seat covers and even boot liners.

Modern communications technology can be vital too if you travel long distances for work, but using a handheld phone is against the law. So don’t go without a hands-free set or a solar-powered mobile charger in your vehicle.

Safety First

The other really important area where car accessories can be vital is in safety and performance. So many additional items can be bought for your car that may just save your life, whether blind spot or towing mirrors to improve your field of vision or chemicals such as anti-freeze and coolant to keep you on the road.

Whether it’s for you, your car, or your child, having the right safety equipment can be a matter of life and death, and much of it isn’t fitted as standard.

Don’t Take that Chance

Whether you want to make sure your car’s as safe as it can be, or you just want stylish 3D gel number plates, check out Number Plate Clinic Car Parts and see what products are available to make your car better.

After all, it’s great to have a car that’s useful, but why ever not have one that looks stylish and stands out from the crowd too?