Is it time to replace your blades?

If you suspect it may be time to replace your blades, there are steps you can take to assess them and work out whether an action is needed. If you have started to notice streaks on your windscreen after using your blades, you may have a problem. When your blades are in good condition, they can completely clear all trace of the rainwater in one wipe. You may also need to replace your blades if they have lost their shape and no longer fit snugly against the windscreen.

Unusual noises and worn rubber

Strange noises are often a sign that it’s time to replace your wipers. You should expect your wipers to emit minimal noise or none at all. If you do start to hear odd noises, chances are your blades are now worn. It’s also worth replacing your blades if they are no longer moving smoothly. It’s advisable to inspect your blades every week or so, checking for jagged edges and worn rubber.

Don’t take risks

If you fail to replace your wipers when you need to, your vehicle could fail its MOT and you could also potentially damage your glass. The costs of replacing glass are significantly more than the expense of buying new blades so it’s not worth taking the risk.

Get in touch

If your windscreen wipers are not performing the way they should, then get in touch with Number Plate Clinic. We supply windscreen wipers to all over North West and the rest of the UK for a wide variety of vehicles and get you safely back on the road again.