3D & 4D Number Road Legal Plates?

What is the difference between 3D & 4D road legal number plates?

3D Domed Gel plates can be made with gloss gel that pushes the plate characters out from your number plate, where as 4D number plates add an additional layer under the 3D character to give it an extra kick in look and feel! We create either clear Krystal layers underneath to give your 4D number plate a floating character look, or black Krystal or block acrylic to give number plate characters a solid look!

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Your Road Legal Number Plate

What Your Road Legal Number Plate Will Look Like!

We use a laser cut system to finely etch out your acrylic number plate characters, and add an extra layer of gloss gel or acrylic to the top to give it a raised and clean look

Not only a head turner in design, our 4D number plates are built to withstand bumps, the weather in summer or winter and provide a clear, high-resolution look on the road giving it an elite feel backed with the most premium quality materials and 3 years warranty as long as they are not screwed in.

3D & 4D Road Legal Number Plate Maker

How we Create Your 3D & 4D Road Legal Number Plates!

A great deal of time is placed into manufacturing your 4D number plates as these are created by hand individually not in mass production and are 100% customised! We begin by measuring your number plate distance from head and distance from bottom then creating legal character spacing. We then apply 3D characters to your number plate and add an additional layer of 4D gel or 4d acrylic to create a raised look that pops out your plate giving your car that extra dimension of look from front, rear and side! ALL BY HAND BY OUR TECHNICIANS WITH OVER 16 years of motoring experience. With a variety of non-road legal colours/sizes and road legal colours/sizes your 4D plate is made to what you ideally would like!

Like a 4D number plate a great deal of care is placed into manufacturing your 3D number plates which is a CHEAPER alternative! And giving your car a glossy rear or front finish, your lettering is customised to your needs and used with premium grade high-quality gel resin, finely cut to your specifications and applied with extra strong adhesive to your number plate giving it a glowing finish!

We begin by measuring your number plate distance from head and distance from bottom then creating legal character spacing (for non-road legal options select from your menu options here) We then apply 3D gloss gel characters to your number plate to give it that signature NPC raised profile that shines on your custom number plate giving your car that shine from front, rear and side! All from the experienced hands of creators instead of shoddy, poorly put together manufacturers

When You Select Your Road Legal 4D Number Plates, You Have The Following Options :

* Registration Number – Add your private registration number or standard DVLA number

* Front/Back – Select whether you would prefer front number plate, rear number plate or both front AND back number plate

* Plate Type – Select whether you would prefer a standard plate(BS AU 145e), a premium reflective plate, a show plate/character spacing (NOT road legal) OR our signature Tinted Number Plate (NOT road legal)

* Fitting – Select whether you would like us to provide fitting or you would like to purchase or not purchase our EXTRA strong adhesive sticky pads that will secure your 4D number plates tightly to your vehicle (as long as fitted properly) 

* Extras – Select from our large array of customisable features such as extra 4D layers, 4D borders or sleek side badges

* Add to Basket – Checkout and receive your high resolution, premium fully customised 4D Number Plates within 3-5 working days!

NB: There is NO design we CANNOT accommodate!


1. Which documents do I need to Send?

To purchase a 4D Number Plates please provide the following

  • Vehicle ownership proof – V5C or V5CNI logbook, V5C/2 or V5C/2NI new keeper slip, or the V778 certificate.
  • Valid ID – driving license, passport or a utility bill

Necessary to keep to motoring laws, your data and information is kept secure and confidential at all times

2. When do I get my 4D Number Plates?

Guaranteed to arrive 3-5 working days depending on 1st class or Standard Delivery option selected, we are swift in getting your number plate to you

If you are looking to receive communication on your 4D or 3D Number Plates you can contact us directly in-store or simply pop us a message using the live WhatsApp chat on this site

Want to get your 4D or 3D plate faster? You can also choose same day collection or pop in and we will fit your number plate for you personally

3. Are 4D Number Plates Road Legal?

YES – Our 4D Laser Cut Number Plates you will happy to know are 100% road legal and meet all requirement of British Standards. As long as you do not choose colours and legally space your characters you meet with all rules and regulations and are guaranteed

Be concern-free, as here at Number Plate Clinic we take pride in offering you number plates that meet all requirements

4. Will I Pass my MOT with a 4D Number Plates?

Short answer – YES again!

As long as you ensure the steps you follow in your 4D Number Plates customisation select the legal boxes you need not be worried about legalities. Ensure your customisation features legal spacing, legal finish and legal characters and we will do the rest

Our Team will notify you when a non-road legal step is being taken! 

5. What if my 4D Number Plate is Damaged?

As long as your bespoke custom plate has not been in a vehicle accident or tampered with we off 3 YEAR WARRANTY to put your mind at ease that your 4D Number Plates will be given the attention it needs

The best part it is HIGHLY unlikely you will have any issues as our 4D characters are later cut to perfection and 3D gloss gel bound with the strongest adhesive to ensure your number plate withstands the elements and any minor bumps you may experience

Screwing your 3D Number Plates or 4D Number Plates is not recommended, and will void your 3-year warranty. We recommended using Extra strong sticky-pads

6. What Happens If You Get Caught Without A Front Number Plate?

You could be fined up to £1,000 and your car will probably fail its MOT test
It is a legal requirement to display a front number plate on your vehicle. If you are caught driving without one, you could face a hefty fine and your car may fail its MOT test. Find out more about the penalties for not having a front number plate and how to avoid getting caught.Lets not get a penalty for no front number plate

If you get caught driving in the UK without a number plate, under the new proposal, you will get three penalty points on your licence, and you will also be asked to pay a one hundred pounds fine. Don’t be surprised; that’s what any driver with an obscured or missing number plate gets after violating the law. 

However, the three points penalty on the driver’s licence is a new bill just at the proposal level. Drivers may have to face that punishment in the next coming months. However, the existing penalty for any driver who moves a car without a number plate is paying a one hundred pounds fine.

That proposal was made to close the loophole in the UK law and, at the same time, motivate vehicle and motorcycle users to abide by the laws that corner using number plate. 

If you get yourself a brand-new car, you may have this ‘I can’t wait’ feeling to jump into it and cruise around the neighbourhood in the UK. Well, I’d say that’s a good feeling. Everybody feels like that when they newly acquire their new ride, especially if it’s their dream car.    

But, as thrilling as that may sound, driving around in the UK without number plate might land you into trouble. So, I would advise you to wait, do your number plate registration, and place it at the front and back of your car before you jump into it. 

7. Can I drive in the UK without a number plate?

If you are nursing the question ‘Can I drive without a number plate?’ in your mind, the answer is No.

Let’s face it.

Driving without plate numbers on your car is against the law in the UK. As a standard rule, all vehicles moving on the road must have number plates in the front and back. And, that’s not all about it.

There are other specific rules that you need to put into observation regarding the number plate color, character’s color, and the materials used. 

In the UK, white is the accepted colour for the front number plate while the one at the rear must be yellow, both with black characters on them.

Meanwhile, this law is not established just to stress the UK car owners. Instead, it is to make it possible for other drivers and even pedestrians to vividly tell the front of a car from its back after seeing the reflective number plate.

The white and yellow colour system will also make it easier for other drivers and pedestrians to determine whether the car is coming to them or moving away from them. That is why it is easier for car owners to navigate at night.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us on info@numberplateclinic.co.uk / 0777 444 55 16

for change of delivery address requests, we can modify the address at any time before the order is sent. Please contact us at 0777 444 55 16 to amend or make any adjustments to your purchase.

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